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Hello teamo...
This is an easy recipe for both pizza and Crumble..
For pizza base
Mix yeast and sugar with warm water leave it aside until it rises.
Take some all purpose flour, rubb with some olive oil and add yeast mixture in to it.
You don't need to knead the dough until it gets smooth, just hold together the mixturz wrap with wet cloth or glad wrap, leave it for another 10 minutes until the gluten forms..
Now you have a smooth dough, just knead the dough and keep it for another 2 hour. Flatten the dough and just cook it on a pan.
Make your topping, use good cheese and cook 180 degrees Celsius for 14 min or until it gets cooked.

For apple crumble you don't nead to add the flour in to the apple mixture, if you r adding make sure u add very little, just to bind the mixture.

Enjoy your pizza and Crumble..
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